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Tire Removal and Recycling

Tires have become major problems for landfills over the years and for this reason tire recycling is growing. At 1-855-GrabMyJunk we recycle all kinds of used tires and rubber. In fact 855 GrabMyJunk has specialized tire recycling machinery so we can often remove hundreds and even thousands of tires from your shop, warehouse or dump site.

Everything from car tires and bicycle tires to commercial equipment tires.

Let 1-855-GrabMyJunk dispose of your tires properly.

Grabbing your junk has never been so easy!

1. Call 1-855-GrabMyJunk to schedule your tire disposal and get your all inclusive up-front estimate.
2. GrabMyJunk professionals will call 15-40 minutes before showing up to grab your tires. (Ask how GrabMyJunk can remove your tires without you needing to be there)
3. GrabMyJunk professionals will grab your tires and sweep up before leaving.

With over 20 years of experience we are able to remove junk from your office, factory or home and not only recycle it but do so in the most environmentally way possible. Learn about how we recycle up to 85% of your junk using our green 62 step waste optimization process.

Call 1 855 Grab My junk (1 855 472-2695) to get rid of your junk and get your space back fast – Call Now!